Meet our team

Centaurus Racing Team is a team of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Thessaly. It was formed in 2009 from a team of undergraduate students and is active in the area of Formula style race-car design and manufacturing. The history of the team's race-cars consists of Chiron, Nessus, the improved model of Nessus, Nessus R, Thireus, and Thireus R, the improved model of Thireus.

Centaurus Racing Team participates each year in the biggest student competition, Formula Student, and has participated in 9 competitions as of now. Those are: in 2011 at Varano, Italy, in 2012 at Silverstone, England, in 2013 again at Varano, Italy, in 2014 at Gyor, Hungary, in 2015 at Hockenheim, Germany, returning in 2016 at both Hockenheim and Gyor, in 2018 at Most, Czech Republic and lastly in 2018 at Silverstone, England were where the team received significant distinctions. The team is constantly improving and getting increasingly better rankings each year. In fact, the team's last participation in the Formula 2 class of the Formula Student United Kingdom competition was particularly successful. The 1st place in Design Event and 3rd in Business Plan Presentation brought the team to 2nd place in the overall ranking, among 35 teams from all over the world.

This season, the team will focus on the construction of its new race car, Amphion, which will participate in the Class 1 Formula Student competitions in the summer of 2019.