Formula Student is an international design competition for students. Set up in 1981 in the U.S. as Formula SAE, today more than ten competitions take place around the world. More than 500 teams compete with their self-built race car against each other.

This is Formula Student: Students around the world plan, design, develop and manufacture single-handedly small formula racing cars and go after extensive testing to design competitions.
In process students have free hand for design - the given regulations intended primarily security-related points - the essence is left to all teams. Since 2010 there is another class of pure electric vehicles: Formula Student Electric.
The winner isn't necessarily the fastest car on the tight slalom course. Overall package of construction, cost planning, sales strategy and race performance is crucial for rating.

Intention of Formula Student is to supplement academic studies by intensive experience in design and manufacturing, as well as economic aspects of automotive industry. The challenge for all teams is not just developing a prototype from first sketch to finished car, it is especially finding the right compromise for best overall vehicle concept, exhausting rules limits and bringing innovation into action.

An experienced jury of experts from Motorsport, automotive and supplier industries rate idea and implementation of vehicle concepts, budget and business presentation. The self-built vehicles, which impress not only with amazing acceleration data, but are also built to highest technical standard, match on track.